11022556_10152849180420857_3325732480654430920_oWhen I created the Gravity Adventure Festival it was built on the back of a kayaking festival, which we held on June 16th each year to celebrate both Youth Day and the sport of whitewater Kayaking.

With the change in weather patterns and the start of our commercial rafting ventures we decided to move it to August and introduce a rafting event to help promote the area as well as introduce like minded outdoor people to the pure Nature which could be experienced in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. This proved a great success and we then introduced Climbing, Adventure Racing, Mountain Biking, Open Water Swimming and the (then) relatively new sports of Trail running and SUPping.

The idea was always that experts in each field would put on a display of their adventure sport allowing people to experience new disciplines over a full weekend of events. Oh, and lets not for get the legendary Gravity parties with bands like Tribal Echo (Gravity AWE!)and Hot Water!

So where did we land up? Well, with a very successful event drawing over 1000 competitors over the weekend and to this day, a huge following. With this came new event regulations, bureaucracy, sponsorship clashes and constantly increasing costs.

Why am I writing this letter?

After being a silent partner since 2012, the event has swung to being very commercial with over 700 trail runners alone! This is obviously sponsor driven but walking past people at last year’s event, I felt a change. This was not an Adventure Festival… We had lost the vibe, the drive from the community – the reason for being together was not clear and I felt we had lost our way.

It is unbelievably sad to break the news but the Gravity Adventure Festival is over. I can blame ridiculous rising costs from CapeNature, Municipalities and general logistics but that would not be the whole reason. It is the vibe which is lost and until I can find a way of getting this back we’ll have to just look back at all those amazing memories left behind over the last 14 years.

Take a moment to reflect and you might find a smile on your face. Till then we will still be rafting and adventuring in the beautiful valley so bring your friends and join us for a day out!

Andrew Kellett
Race Director
Director Gravity Adventures